Men’s Health – Revitalized with Viagra

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Some times we fail to understand the problem of an impotent person. We think that sexual dysfunction may not be a problem for reproduction. There is hi tech method of in vitriol fertilization by which even an impotent man can be father of a child without actually performing all sexual activities.

But, in fact the method is not so easy. Long time treatment for both the male and the female is to be carried out and some times minor to semi major surgeries may be required for either of the male or female or both of them.

So cost of this treatment is enormous and beyond the reach of common man. Apart from this, the method may fail some times to produce results. As such doctors will not guarantee of fertilization before starting of the treatment. Imagine the cost of this long treatment and surgeries, if required!

More over your health insurance companies may not bear the cost of similar kind of treatment. Bearing the cost is next to impossible for a common person where there is a nexus between the doctors, Insurance companies and hospitals has made medical treatment to sky high and has become out of the capacity of common citizens. With horror, we have read that 25% of Americans have no health insurance coverage. Because maintaining the insurance is also a high cost affair and may be beyond the reach of great section of common citizens.

Ignoring medical insurance coverage is even more dangerous.

So your ever lasting desire to be father of a child from your wife may be out of reach of you, if you are impotent and can not bear the cost of artificial insemination.

However, it is fortunate that very few people may have to resort to this extreme step.

In general what we find around that a quite good number of people are impotent due to their Erectile Dysfunction (ED) condition. This problem can now easily be overcome – thanks to the discovery of oral medicines like Viagra or Cialis.

Actually these kinds of medicines have given Men’s Health a new life. This is particularly applicable for an impotent person suffering from ED condition. We have seen that Sexual Health, which is the greatest part of Men’s Health of the male population, disturbed by the condition of Erectile Dysfunction, has greatly improved with these kinds of medicines.

However, initially it was found that these kinds of PDE-5 type inhibitors had some side effects like stomach upset increase in heart rate etc. Soon superiority of these medicines was proved.

It was found that, after prolonged use, the side effects of the drugs have greatly reduced. It may be due to the reason that the people become habituated with these medicines and developed some kind of resistance to these symptoms or their body resistance prevented them from these side effects.

However there may be only one trouble some times may happen with the users, for which, FDA has issued warnings also. That is the problem of blurred vision, which some times lead to blindness also. But the manufacturers also defend that the problem might have occurred for other reasons also. It is not the time for taking final decisions in this regard. Studies are still going on.

In fact the good effects of Viagra prevailed over the side effects and thus the medicine conquered the world.

In conclusion we must say that the sexual health is the supreme concern for any one having a sex desire and ability. If it is disturbed by erectile dysfunction, solution is right at hand and there is nothing to worry. Because, Viagra is here to revitalize ultimately one’s sexual health which is generally a essential component of Men’s Health..

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Stress ??? Try MArtial Arts

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Are you a busy executive or mom trying to do everything? Are you getting so stressed out that it seems like you’re not accomplishing anything? If so, you can use martial arts to combat that stress! Many of the skills and techniques used in martial arts training are the same skills and techniques you can use to rid your body of stress.

So, you might be wondering how a skill that is commonly depicted as a fighting tool can actually reduce stress… Some of these common images of martial arts aren’t completely accurate. The cartoons, video games and movies showing martial arts as a fighting tool are only showing you one small facet of the art. The skills necessary for training martial arts can teach you how to balance your mind and body and give you the confidence you need to face the stressful events in your life.


One of the techniques used to create this balance is using breathing and meditation techniques to help you connect and control your mind and body. There are different types of meditation: sitting, standing, kneeling and moving. Find the position that works best for you. Here’s how to start.

1. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2. Breathe deeply. To make sure you’re breathing deeply enough, put your hand on your stomach. If your stomach isn’t pushing out as you breath in, you’re not breathing deeply enough. Try to pull the air all the way to your navel before you let it out.

3. When you breathe out, keep your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This keeps helps minimize your saliva and swallowing.

In the Chinese way of thinking, breathing like this is completing a path: The mouth is a gate and the tongue on the roof of the mouth allows your vital energy called “Qi” or “Chi” (both pronounced “chee”) to circulate throughout your body. Chi is what helps your mind and body connect.

After you’ve gotten the physical aspects of breathing down, you can start counting your breaths – this is a form of meditation that many experts teach during stress management courses. Start short and work your way up.

1. Begin with a count of 4 as you breathe in and a count of 6 as you breathe out.

2. As you go along, extend the in and out until you can get a count of 6 as you breathe in and up to 24-30 as you breathe out. Just remember that you want a short, deep breath in and a slow, long breath out.


This mind and body connection through breathing works because stress is a mental state that manifests itself as a physical symptom in your body. This physical symptom then acts as a trigger to tell you to do something about it. As you become more aware of your body, you’ll be able to notice the “trigger” before it becomes something unbearable such as a severe neck problem or a migraine headache. Once you notice your trigger, you can stop and do something about it such as practicing a breathing technique. For example, I used to get stress-induced migraines that would leave me out of commission for a whole day. Now, I’ve come to realize that it actually starts in my lower back as a small thing. If I let it go, it works its way up to my head. Now, when I noticed this trigger in my back, I stop and do my breathing. It allows the issue to surface so I can deal with it and I don’t have to deal with a migraine.

We all have those moments from time to time when we experience stress (some more frequently than others). The overall benefits of training martial arts for the mind and body (including self-awareness, self confidence, focus, concentration and physical conditioning) all lead to reducing that stress. You owe it to yourself to start relieving the stress in your life with the skills taught through martial arts. The best place to find these skills is at a fine martial arts school. Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To make it even easier, I’ll help you get started. Just contact me and I’ll send you my free report on how to pick a martial arts school.

Robert Jones
Master Instructor
The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts

P.S. My 3 studios are located in Lynnwood, Kent, and Bellevue, Washington. If you live near one of those locations, please contact me.

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Connecting the lease enterprise through lease management software

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Information Technology has improved the leasing process, parts at a time. Every company has evolved some manner of maintaining customer information. Accounting software has kept the back-end humming. The sales force has devised methods for maintaining customers and then bridging them with funding sources. The vendor is contacted when an order needs filling. Further down the chain, the collections process is managed independently. And, the savvy leasing business has found ways of retaining customers to keep the process alive.

Limitations of the traditional Lease Management Software

But the permeation of technology has been sporadic, at best. Thus far, the existent lease management software have spot lighted sections of the leasing process, affecting each uniquely, independently and in isolation from the whole lease operation. This has forced companies to tie together the disparate sections of the lease process manually, without using any lease management software. Inevitably, intervening to help one part of the business communicate with another without a technical platform such as lease management software to collaborate both parts creates inefficiencies. While financial data would help the sales-force negotiate with repeat customers, the sales-force may not be privy to the relevant information easily devoid of innovative leasing software. The lessee may be offered an online lease application, but a potential funding source is not intimated of the new request until much later. Unfortunately, the disjointed nature of traditional technology necessitates physical intervention almost every time one link of the lease chain needs to be connected with another.

Improving productivity through consolidated lease management

Here’s where concepts like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management, so successfully used in manufacturing and telecommunications, become relevant to lease management. Today, Internet-driven technology such as the lease management software can consolidate the entire leasing process, beyond simply improving its various sections in isolation. Productivity-wise, this consolidation will do to the leasing business what the assembly line did to automobile manufacturing. And, if implemented wisely, the cost of this technology is quickly covered many times over by the resulting synergy – and the quantifiable savings — that it brings to the leasing enterprise, regardless of its size.

Managing leasing relationships through the Lease Management software

Lessor <—> Lessee
The lessee-lessor relationship, for one, fits intuitively into the Internet model of the lease management software, given the high level of interaction it requires. After all, lessees have ongoing and insatiable needs, ranging from the most basic monthly invoice to the more complex asset-dependent property tax management specifics. Lessees with numerous assets under each of their leases, for instance, need a specialized flow of information to track their assets and stay abreast of their accounts by way of an effective lease management system. With a lease becoming a service rather than a mere financial product, lessors have to find ways of catering to the growing customer demand for information. One cannot help wondering why the systems they use for lease management, veritable storehouses of the needed information, don’t have CRM functionality. Indeed, CRM is as relevant at point-of-sale as it is during the lease process; it allows lessors to understand a lessee’s ongoing needs and even distinguish one customer from another. An online interface by means of lease management software can form the perfect channel of information exchange for the data-starved lessee.

Lessor <—> Funding Source
Driven by tight marketing conditions and innovative funding models, the unique investor-lessor relationship can also benefit greatly from the use of technology via lease management software. Typically, lessors sell receivables, in whole or in part, to various investors to fund their leases. In some cases, the residual value is even sold separately with the investor and lessor sharing the proceeds generated from off-lease remarketing, contingent on various realization thresholds. But, regardless of the level of complexity in their relationship, there is one undeniable truth: Information that is already present with the lessor has to somehow travel to the investor. Typically, this entails hours of error-prone report and document preparation, the need for pain-staking clarification and, possibly, re-reporting. Again, these inefficiencies beg a rather obvious question: Why not let the investor get the information it needs, in a controlled, secure and real-time environment, devoid of manual intervention? Shouldn’t it be possible, at least in theory, for the investor to view information that lives with the lessor without the latter’s direct involvement? With an Internet based lease management system, this becomes a very practical possibility. Once the lessor determines the type and extent of information access it wants to offer, a customizable Web interface can provide the forum that eliminates the traditional inefficiencies of the lessor-investor association. <

The Solution – Internet based Lease Management Software

Indeed, owing to the ease of information flow that the Net inherently facilitates, Internet based leasing software technology can tie in the hitherto unconnected parts of the lease process. Through this technology, the lessor can provide its business partners with controlled gateways to information residing in the back-end. In light of optimizing these relationships, the technology used to forge this data exchange must be based on the same technology that is used to maintain the information. If, therefore, the back-end accounting software were Internet based, it would become a minor step to make the relevant information available to investors or lessees online.

The technological consolidation of the leasing process by way of a internet based lease management software begins, then, with the back end. Lease management software is the battering ram around which the rest of the leasing process is built. In fact, Supply chain management and CRM, as they pertain to leasing, are fueled primarily by the data-rich back end. After all, here’s where every detail about a lease, from inception through maturity, is maintained. Yet, despite the obvious opportunity to realize these efficiencies, the leasing industry has not recognized the benefits of online lease management software. Most software vendors still earn a living touting systems that are entrenched in the client/server model and that are seriously limited by their legacy origins. This scenario is changing, however, with companies like Odessa Technologies, Inc., based out of Philadelphia, that make Internet based lease management systems.

Through LeaseWave(Lease accounting and management software product), Odessa Technologies provides a cost-effective means to benefiting from the Internet. LeaseWave, at its nucleus, provides for complete asset management and lease accounting functionality, allowing the lessor to efficiently manage any number of lease portfolios. Beyond this core, LeaseWave provides a series of interactive web sites that connect the lessor with business partners including lessees, funding sources and vendors. This allows for the lessor to consolidate the leasing process, tying together business partners online, on a real-time basis. Through LeaseWave, the leasing supply chain meets CRM around a robust, Internet based lease management software.

Indeed, it was through supply chain management and CRM that Wal-Mart recently revolutionized the retail industry. IT investment “enabled the company to squeeze out every last inefficiency from [their] merchandising chain.” By connecting with their suppliers such as Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart was able to reduce inventory, lower order-processing costs and thereby offer “low, everyday prices.” One better than Wal-Mart, Cisco, one of the largest Internet hardware suppliers now boasts a paper free supply chain. Cisco’s suppliers only begin assembling components after a customer places an order online, giving “just-in-time supply” a new standard. Why then can’t our retail shops (read lessors), their suppliers (read funding sources) and their customers (read lessees) be similarly connected? Don’t we also want low, every day prices?

8 Ways to Create a Happy Family

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You might disagree and say, “Lori Prokop what are you writing now?” But hear me out on this.

I believe finding happiness and success are more than just money.

If you are not finding happiness in your family, this is to remind you that you have the power to improve your life within your family.

Here are Lori Prokop’s 8 ways to create (or re-create) a happy family:

1) Start with yourself. Finding happiness starts by deciding that you will create the loving spirit that can create a happy family. Develop an energy and personality where simply your spirit and presence will heal others and rejuvenate your family.

2) Look at yourself. Ask yourself this question and give yourself a true answer: “Am I contributing to family happiness or unhappiness?”

3) Heal within any feelings of mistrust or anger. This can seem to be an impossible task. But it is achievable and vital to finding happiness and success.

People make mistakes. Some make them only once. Others repeat their mistakes over and over. Each person is doing the best they can at the emotional intelligence level they have achieved.

If someone is being hurtful, blameful, angry or attacking, they are living at a very low emotional intelligence level. That doesn’t mean you need to live in this painful place with them.

Practice treating everyone in the family with love. You may not be able to be around them because of their chosen personality or behaviors. You can pray, intend or send loving energy to them. They will receive it and the power of love will heal them in remarkable ways, often better than we could have dreamed.

4) Choose to live in the upper six levels of your Life Guidance System. You have 21 emotional levels. Fifteen create what you don’t want and six emotional levels create what you do want. People ask me, “Lori Prokop, how can I live in the emotional levels that create more of what I want and result in finding happiness?”

Don’t be a part of family problems. Heal yourself and become a cure. Don’t tell your family you have chosen to do this. Just do it. They will notice the difference. Your newly chosen emotional levels will create positive results. With your lead and example, your family members can learn to love and respect each other.

5) Encourage high regard for each other. Teach, by example, that each family member accepts all others and lets each be who they are.

With some wisdom and insight, it is easy to see how people’s personalities have developed. Even if you are repulsed by someone, it is possible to see why they act as they do.

When the development process and history of their personalities is respected, even the most difficult people lighten up. When people feel understood, they no longer feel the need to defend. Love and acceptance of each person’s history will create the feeling of goodwill and real understanding.

6) Have no certain expectations chiseled in stone. Rather, expect the best and be open to what that manifests as. When we expect something certain we are often limiting the outcome by our own limited thinking.

Do not expect everyone to change at once or that it will come easily. For some the change seems immediate, for others it can take time. For some healing will seem effortless, others will need to hit rock-bottom before they begin. For some letting go of harmful beliefs, hurtful thinking and destructive prejudices happens gradually, sometimes only after personal pain or disasters.

This is sometimes a challenge because we want things right now. Many times I say to myself, “Lori Prokop, why can’t these other people do the right things?”

Pray their healing will be a safe, loving and wonderful experience. The most important element is that someone must start the healing. It will pick up for others from there.

7) Believe in assistance from a Higher Power. This is a non-religious, non-denominational, spiritual step. Miracles can and will happen for those who ask for help from a Source of 100% pure light and love. Choose actions and options that are 100% pure light and love.

8) Intend only the best for each family member. One person using their power of intention by sending energy of 100% pure light and love to other family members, though he or she may do it without others knowing, will in time see others are motivated to improve their lives.

When the intention of 100% pure light and love becomes a family practice, members will grow deeper in spiritual connection and have an easier time finding happiness.

So here is what Lori Prokop believes. Ultimately, you can change even the toughest family situation for the better. You can help family member experience success and help yourself in the process of finding happiness.

Can Hair Dye Cause Cancer?

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Further study is needed to fully understand relationships between hair dyes and bladder cancer, researchers said. Basically, they found no overall increase in cancer deaths among users of hair dyes. These opinions are concerning the use of permanent hair dyes and bladder cancer in 2005. Because of the widespread use of hair dye, the possibility of a relationship between it and cancer is quite alarming. In this study, the two main criteria were exposure to personal hair dye products and an outcome of cancer at any anatomical site.

“The totality of evidence today is far more reassuring than alarming about any hazards of hair dye use,” Dr. None found evidence of a significant excess among hair dye users overall. A European Commission watchdog has criticized the hair dye industry for failing to provide evidence of the safety of its products. Until definitive evidence come in consumers may want to proceed with caution when selecting a hair dye. A European Commission watchdog criticised the hair dye industry in 2002 for failing to provide evidence of the safety of its products. But there is no strong evidence that hair dyes cause any of these.

Permanent hair dyes, the most popular choice among consumers, come in two categories: oxidation and progressive. Thus it may be concluded that it is hair dye that accidentally spilled over and has taken effect by oxidation. They are called Oxidation hair dyes because they contain Paraphenelenediamine, which is a basic constituent of these dyes.

You might feel good after a chemical hair dye but, if you’re dying your hair in this way frequently, It is belived that you’re killing yourself softly. A chemical free hair dye, use at home hair colour. A compound henna mix is not a chemical free hair dye. Suraiya As with any chemical product, you should always use hair dyes in a well ventilated area. Here are the facts: Hair dye, bleach, perms and relaxing solutions are all absorbed into the bloodstream to some degree.

Change Your Tone – Media Coverage Shouldn’t Be Toned By Software

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The world of PR is benefiting from dramatic changes in the way media coverage is being delivered electronically to your computer desktop or PDA of choice. Perhaps the nuisance of ink on your fingers is being replaced by a bad case of “BlackBerry thumb” — but nevertheless getting your media coverage electronically has never been easier or more mobile.

These changes now drive the development of new tools from content providers, and new software programs to help better manage and analyze media coverage. The automation occurring at the database level and through the real-time delivery of organizational news, to internal and external stakeholders, is now almost taken for granted. And the holy grail of PR — to automate media analysis and measurement — is already under way; but where should software stop to make way for human analysis?.

Media analysis programs can save countless hours quantifying and sorting media coverage in an unlimited number of ways, including by circulation, region, ad equivalency, company programs and services, and competitive brands. However, do you really want a computer program qualifying how each story affects your organization? It’s a gamble with little upside.

Just Say No

The automation of tone and sentiment has already been incorporated into some software programs, but how accurate can it be? Every story, across every medium, will have a dramatically different meaning or impact for various organizations and their stakeholders. Behind the news emerge both winner and losers.

For instance, if a negative story breaks about a strike at one bottling plant it will be a boon for its competitors. The ability to determine which companies are negatively affected by the news is very limited. Furthermore, understanding the actual tone or possible ongoing bias of the reporter on an issue is impossible to automate. News is as much about delivering the facts, as it is provoking a reaction or emotion from the reader. Media analysis solutions can certainly help decipher the facts, but the rest should be left to a team of communications professionals.

Too Subjective?

The argument against toning media coverage has often been it is too subjective — if the news can be interpreted differently by each individual, won’t this skew the results in the end? True enough — but this can easily be solved with the introduction of a tone standardized ‘scorecard’ that is consistently applied to each story.

These scorecards can really vary, depending on the type of analysis you want to deliver in the end. Many organizations will chose to tone stories by ranking them as positive, neutral or negative.

The use of these 3 words alone is where subjectivity problems can creep in. Along with team brainstorming and training sessions on how tone can be applied, one quick fix is to use the C.B.S. Scorecard instead:

  1. Use Critical (in place of Negative.)
  2. Use Balanced (in place of Neutral)
  3. Use Supportive (in place Positive)

After reading an article, it is much easier to answer the question “Was that story critical, balanced, or supportive of our organization?” Instead of: “Was that story negative, neutral or positive?”

When it comes to tone it won’t always be black or white, but I’d rather leave the grey zones to a trained communications professional rather than to the guesswork of a software application.

When it comes to tone it won’t always be black or white, but I’d rather leave the grey zones to a trained communications professional rather than to the guesswork of a software application.

Beyond the ranking of articles by tone using the C.B.S. Scorecard, other metrics and meanings can be used in tandem to create and even stronger analysis. The following scorecard uses a scorecard range, from

– 5 to + 5, to provide a more in depth analysis.

Rating Criteria
+5 Supportive Mention + four of the following: Key Message; Interview; Photo; Call To Action
+4 Supportive Mention + three of the following: Key Message; Interview; Photo; Call To Action
+3 Supportive Mention + two of the following: Key Message; Interview; Photo; Call To Action
+2 Supportive Mention + one of the following: Key Message; Interview; Photo; Call To Action
+1 Supportive
0 Balanced
-1 Critical
-2 Critical Mention + one of the following: Negative Executive Mention, Positive Competitor Mention; Consumer Direct Complaint; Ongoing Issue
-3 Critical Mention + two of the following: Negative Executive Mention, Positive Competitor Mention; Consumer Direct Complaint; Ongoing Issue
-4 Critical Mention + three of the following: Negative Executive Mention, Positive Competitor Mention; Consumer Direct Complaint; Ongoing Issue
-5 Critical Mention + four of the following: Negative Executive Mention, Positive Competitor Mention; Consumer Direct Complaint; Ongoing Issue

Once each story is toned, the rest of analysis can be automated by your software solution. The tone can be used independently to determine the success of the campaign by percentage of C.B.S. stories, but the tone can also be used alongside the rest of the analysis to identify possible media bias or problem areas by region or publication. The media is always analyzing your organization…why not return the favour?

New media monitoring and analysis technologies are certainly changing the face of media relations activities and provide immense return on investment, but determining the impact of a news story on your organization should be kept in human hands for the time being.

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Using Graphic Images On Web Pages

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Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes web page designers make is to misuse or overuse graphic images on web pages. Designers become so enthusiastic about using new technology that they tend to focus on “look what we can make for you” rather than a web page’s functionality.

Web page graphics must serve a function. If a graphic image’s only function is “to look cool,” you are unnecessarily increasing the download time of your web pages. “Looking cool” can ultimately cost you more money and make you lose potential customers.

The following list is a summary of the types of graphic images that are acceptable on a web page:

Navigation buttons – Used to help visitors navigate your web site. If designed well, these buttons can be much easier to read and find than text links.

Image maps – Also used to help visitors navigate your web site. If designed well, image maps greatly add to the visual appeal of a web page but can considerably increase the page’s download time.

Logo – Used for your corporate or business identity. Logos increase brand name recognition and add visual appeal to any document or web page.

Bullet points – Used to draw your visitors’ eyes to the main points of your document. Also used to break up a web page full of paragraphs.

Mastheads – Also known as a title graphic. Main function is to let your visitors know which web page they are on. Adding clip art or an illustration to a masthead adds more visual appeal.

Divider lines or horizontal rules – Commonly used to separate footers, categories within a single web page, and FAQ questions and answers.

Background images – Used to enhance the visual appeal of a web page and make a web site easier to navigate. One of the most common background images is a sidebar which usually contains the links to the other pages in your site.

Headings (text graphic) – Commonly used to preserve a typeface that many people do not have on their computers.

Photos – Commonly used to make your web pages seem more personal and more inviting. Visitors’ eyes are naturally drawn to photos of people. An absolute necessity to showcase products on certain e-commerce sites.<

All graphic images on your web site should match in colour, typeface, and special effects. For example, the text in all of your navigation buttons should use the same typeface and have the same special effects on them (such as a drop shadow). Your navigation buttons, mastheads, bullet points, and divider lines look best if they are designed using one of the colours in your logo.

For a truly professional-looking web site, the minimum set of graphics on web pages should be a set of navigational graphics, a logo, bullet points, and set of mastheads. If this set of graphics does not significantly increase a page’s download time, then you can add other graphic images to enhance your site. The general rule is to keep web page size between 40-60K. If you are a graphic designer, photographer, architect, or programmer, a 75K web page will still give a relatively fast download time on a 28.8 Kbps modem.

Any extra graphic images on your web pages should serve a function that is directly related to your business. For example, on a web site, you can have illustrations serve multiple functions:

If a design firm has professional illustrators in its staff, they should showcase this talent in some form throughout the web site.

Illustrations can also serve a navigational function. In some web sites, you can tell which section of a web site you are in based on the illustration shown.

A talented web graphic designer can design graphic images which download quickly and look good. Graphic images should be sized down without losing the integrity of the graphic image.

Remember, graphic images are primarily used to enhance a web pages function. If graphic images considerably increase your web pages’ download time, you will have to either size down the graphic images, replace them with smaller images, or replace them with the HTML default bullets, horizontal rules, or coloured heading text

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